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Easy Fast Effective Exercise Plan When You are Short on Time

medical weight loss exercise planGood morning everyone this is Dr. Kenny.

In this article I would like to review a very easy and simple exercise program that our patients have used to burn fat and lose a significant amount of weight.

This program is equally beneficial for people who have never exercised andalso for people who are extremely athletic.

I really like this weight loss exercise program because it does not take an excessive amount of time to achieve results.

So if you do not have time to spend an hour in the gym every day then this exercise routine is definitely for you. So let’s get into the details now.

First were going to start with the exercise plan for people who have not really exercised in quite some time. This program is going to be very simple and easy but it will give you maximum fat burning results. Now for this program I would like you just to do air squats with just your body weight. There is no need for exercise bands or weights all you need is your body. I would like you to do 10 air squats every hour that you are awake. If you cannot do them every hour I would ask that you at least do six sets of 10 repetitions of air squats throughout the entire day. That’s it, that’s all you have to do. If you are feeling energetic you can add 10 wall push-ups to each set of air squats. For wall push-ups all you have to do is do a push-up with your hands placed on a wall and you are going to do these wall push-ups why all you are standing upright. Eventually over the course of time air squats and wall push-ups might become too easy for you and then you can graduate into doing jump squats and regular push-ups. Now I have to say that if you are not able to do as many air squats and wall push-ups as I have mentioned then please just do what you are able to do. What ever you are able to do is perfectly fine for you and you should not push yourself too hard. Our whole program is about making lifestyle changes and little changes made each and every day add up to tremendously large changes over the course of time. So for now just be happy where you were at and what you were able to do.

Now we’re going to move on to a program for those of you that are regularly exercising and have an adequate level of physical fitness. For those of you that are physically fit I am going to ask you to do 10 jump squats every hour that you are awake. I am also going to ask you to do 10 regular push-ups if you can or you can just do 10 wall push-ups if your environment does not permit you to do a regular floor push-up. If you are not able to do this every single hour of your waking day I would ask that you have a target goal of 7 – 8 sets per day of each of these exercises. If you want to push things up a notch instead of doing the 10 jump squats and 10 floor push-ups you can do Burpee’s instead.

It’s amazing how this plyometric type of exercise performed over the course of the day can give you amazing results. Not only will you burn fat you will also increase your muscle density. So doing this type of exercise routine will give you the physique of a sprinter; lean with just the right amount of musculature.

The goal is to do this exercise routine 4 – 5 days a week. You do not have to exercise on consecutive days. Just make sure that you do this routine at least four days a week. 

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Please remember to always discuss this or any exercise program with your medical doctor before starting it.

The Best Exercises for Weight Loss and Fat Burning

If you are serious about losing weight this is a must-read article because I will be reviewing what you definitely need to be doing to burn fat and lose weight and I will also go over common misconceptions about exercising for weight loss.
Sadly there is so much misinformation out there about being healthy and losing weight that most people that come into our office are totally confused about what they should be doing to facilitate their weight loss and become healthy.
Today we are inundated with infomercials on television promoting the latest and greatest exercise routine and trendy diet program. We are also subject to advertisements in the magazines, newspapers and even on the radio and yes even on the computer and Internet.
Some of the information and some of the programs that are out there do have some merit. However, the majority of them are just designed to take your money. So now that I got that off of my chest let me start by saying that there is no perfect weight loss program or exercise routine for everyone. What works for you might not work for your brother or sister or your friends and vice versa. So this means that there are general guidelines that each of us should be following in order to achieve our physical fitness and physique goals but often times these guidelines have to be tweaked to work specifically for you.
If your goal is to lose a significant amount of weight the only real surefire exercise routine is cardiovascular exercise. This means that each and every day, yes that is right seven days a week you should be doing some type of cardiovascular activity.
I prefer to ride a bike. When the weather is nice I can bike ride outside and when it's cold and raining and snowing here in Philadelphia I ride a stationary bike in the house. Now your activity might be different you might like to take an exercise class, you might like to do an exercise DVD in the convenience of your own home, you might like to walk on the treadmill or walk around the neighborhood with family or friends or you can do any other activity you like, just do it.
Here is the secret to losing weight and burning fat so please pay attention.
Now in order to achieve fat burning you must perform a cardiovascular activity between 65% and 70% of your maximum heart rate. This is how will calculate that: you subtract your age from 220 and then times that .65 and .70 and that gives you 65 and 75% of your maximum heart rate. For example I am 49 years old so you would just subtract 49 from 220 and that gives you 171. You then multiply one 71 x .65 and that gives you 111, so this means that 65% of my maximum heart rate. In order to calculate 70% of the maximum heart rate I would just multiply 171  by .70 and that gives me 119.
So when I am performing my cardiovascular activity I want my heart rate to be between 111 and 119. That is all I would have to do in order to achieve weight loss and fat burning. For the first 30 minutes of riding a bike with my heart rate between 111 and 119, I  will just be burning the sugar that is in my bloodstream and making my heart really healthy but from minute 31 on is when I will be fat burning.
This means that in order to actually lose weight I have to perform this exercise activity for 60 consecutive minutes.
With this method we are not concerned how fast, how hard and how intense we are actually exercising; we are just concerned with keeping our heart rate between 65% and 70% of your maximum heart rate. So I highly recommend that you use a heart rate monitor when doing this exercise routine.
If you are not able to perform any type of cardiovascular exercise for 60 straight minutes then just do what you can and over the course of time work your way up to 60 consecutive minutes.
With this routine we are not looking to lose 100 pounds in 30 days. We are trying to lose weight in a safe and healthy way and this will enable us to maintain this weight loss for the rest of our lives.
The only exercise machine that I do not recommend for this type of exercise routine is an elliptical machine. An elliptical machine is fantastic for high intensity bursts of exercise. An elliptical does definitely have its place in your exercise routines by not at the beginning when you were really trying to lose weight and to lose inches.
There will come a time when you hit a plateau and the weight loss stops. When this happens then it is time to start doing more advanced type of exercises for which the elliptical machine is fantastic and I am talking about doing short bursts of high intensity  exercise.
The short high-intensity burst of exercise routines will help you develop nice lean muscle.
By I have always found that it best to lose as much weight as possible in the beginning doing the 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and then go into the more short burst high intensity exercise.
This is because through my years of personal training and also through my consulting with multitudes of patients I have learned  that it is difficult to burn fat – lose weight and build muscle at the same time. Sadly I have found that if you try to do both at the same time you just wind up getting bulky.
I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or would like a personal consultation in our Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss Facility just call us at 215-821-7336.
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