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Aaron B.Oklahoma City, OK

I can’t say enough positive stuff about this business. Yeah they made a mistake and assumed that I was an existing customer. When they figured out that they made a mistake, they immediately rectified the problem and had me fill out the paperwork on the spot. Most places would have apologized and rebooked my appt, which I was so ready for them to do. Again, they didn’t.

The process was stupid easy unlike most weight loss places. Most weight loss places put on a complete dog and pony show and try to up-sell you on every item and coffee cup that they have to offer. These guys were great, to the point, and no nonsense.

I can’t express enough what a positive no-frills experience I had with this office.

Katie W.Richboro, PA

With the Doctor's Weight Loss plan I have been able to lose a significant amount of weight while maintaining my busy lifestyle. The combination of weight loss medications, nutritional coaching and a walking program have enable me to reach my target body weight. Doctors and staff are very thorough and professional. Each time I went there they measured my body weight, took my blood pressure, heart rate, pulse ox and listened to my heart and lungs. I recommend that you call them if you want to lose weight or improve your physical fitness. Their office hours are very convenient and they are open on Saturdays.

Kay W.Abington, PA

This program works, you have to stick with it!! I fell off and got lazy and gained some of the weight back! There are 2 offices to choose from. They sit and go over your month at every visit and what can help you do better with your weight lost goals! I plan on going back and following the plan again! Give it a try! Dr Kenny is also great!

Randy K.Richboro, PA

Started coming here 2 months ago and I couldn't be happier with the results. The doctors are top notch and the program they put me on has allowed me to enjoy my food while losing weight at the same time. I highly recommend their services.

Diane H.Doylestown, PA

I know Dr Kenny and can vouch for both his credibility and results. No need to use someone else's photo when people are already beating down your door and getting results worth bragging about. Dr Kenny has great recipes and support with in my opinion favors the wisdom of the day - protein - veggies - complex carbs eaten moderately and some healthy fats.

Robert P.Oviedo, FL

I was visiting family in Philly when one of my LARGE cousins showed up. Holy cow not so large any more, as a matter a fact about half the person he used to be. Good Thing for his health. So my fiance asked, what did you do? He then told us about this place locally and said he would take us there if we wanted to loss some weight. So I wasn't the type of person to really look into weight loss but said I could slim down and with the wedding coming up why not. Gotta say this was the easiest way to incorporate a medial weight loss and loose weight quickly with out ever feeling hungry. I lost 10 lbs in about three weeks and had more energy than ever. My wife has lost 25lbs and going strong. We may need to order a different wedding dress... 🙂 Just Gotta say thanks a million to this place an BIG Vinny (now not so big VIn ). Making changes and loving life.

Michael K.Philadelphia, PA

A medically supervised weight loss program.The Doctors utilize appetite suppressant medications, vitamin B-12 injection therapy, meal replacement programs like Medifast, body contouring wraps and body detoxification programs. The Doctors provided me with a detailed nutritional program as well as an exercise program that I was able to perform even with my busy schedule. If you are looking lo lose weight I highly recommend this weight loss program. The Doctors are very knowledgeable and understanding and the staff are very friendly and accommodating. So far I have lost 28 lbs in 6 weeks. The correct phone number is 215-821-7336.

Mary-Lyn K.Morrisville, PA

I came here for overall health and wellness. Great staff; so personable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone! I believe they have two locations

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