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At our medical weight loss center in Philadelphia, Dr. Mermelstein and his staff of nurse practitioners and physician assistants help people achieve their weight loss goals. Dr. Mermelstein may use FDA approved weight loss medications, various vitamin injection therapies such as vitamin B 12 and other lipotropic injections also known as the Lipo-Shot. When combined with a proper nutrition plan and some type of physical activity most patients do extremely well and achieve their weight loss goals. In our program Dr. Kenny also spends time educating people on the proper type of diet that he believes to be best for them.

Some of the medications that Dr. Mermelstein may prescribe for a weight-loss patient are:


  • Phentermine – Adipex,
  • Phendimetrazine – Bontril
  • Belviq
  • Plenity
  • Saxenda
  • Qsymia

Each of these medications work in their own way to help facilitate the weight loss process for people. Phentermine, for example, is one of the oldest weight-loss medications to be prescribed by physicians for patients.

Phentermine helps by giving people a feeling of satiety or being full and not hungry. Phentermine also helps stimulate the body processes that break down fat.

When our patients combine taking phentermine with the diet plan that we give them most people are very successful and lose weight.

If a person also adds some type of physical activity even if it is just walking during the day it provides an extra boost to their losing weight. Even our patients that are not able to exercise much at all because of back injuries, leg injuries or some other type of health issue usually do well as long as they follow the diet plan we give them.

When you come to your office you will fill out a questionnaire telling us about your medical history, any health issues that you may have such as hypothyroidism, PCOS, diabetes and high blood pressure. We also ask that you tell us the medications that you are presently taking. After that you will see the doctor – medical provider and they will review your medical history and medications then perform an evaluation that includes measuring your height and weight, calculating your BMI, taking your blood pressure, pulse and physical assessment.

The doctor will also discuss your goals and after all of that will make the recommendations for the plan that he believes will be best for you. This may include the weight loss appetite suppressant medications. Then you will sit with Dr. Kenny and discuss diet/nutrition and physical activity recommendations. Dr. Kenny has lost 80 lbs on this plan and he has kept it off.

Usually patients are seen once a month unless they need to be seen more frequently because of other health issues they may have.

People are with us for as long as they need to be. Some patients may come to see us for a month or two while others may be with us longer because of the amount of weight that they need to lose. As long as a person needs us, we are here for them.

For your free weight loss consultation call us at 215-821-7336 and we will happily schedule your consultation.

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