medical weight loss in philadelphia diet doctors weight loss pills appetite suppressant medications phentermine in philadelphia
medical weight loss in philadelphia diet doctors weight loss pills appetite suppressant medications phentermine in philadelphia

If you have been trying to lose weight and no matter what you do you just cannot seem to lose any pounds or inches then this article is a definite must read for you.

In today’s world most of the people are just like you. Everyone is on a diet, everyone is doing low-carb or high fat and no carbohydrates or they are doing a low-calorie diet. And then we have other people that are doing nothing but smoothies and drinking juice all day long. Other people just eat fruit. And then we have people that are vegetarians but they only eat a small amount of vegetables and most of what they eat are starchy carbohydrates like pizza, pasta and rice. In fact most of us eat more bad starchy carbohydrates than any other type of food.

Most of us are eating bread, pasta, rice and potato chips and crackers all day long. Almost all of these foods are not even food. They are products made by man and there are man-made manufactured foods. They are not natural real food. They have nothing but calories and sugar and they provide no nutritional value to you.

Instead of eating all of those potato chips, pasta, bread and pizza eat some carrots, celery, lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers and broccoli.

And the problem is the so-called nutrition experts, the authorities told us along time ago that we should be eating lots of grains. But the problem is when they made this statement and said that this is the way to true health and wellness they really did not do enough research to look into the type of effect it has on our body’s chemistry. Eating nothing but bad starchy carbohydrate type of foods does nothing but increase your blood sugar level. And when your body has excess sugar floating around in your bloodstream your insulin levels go very very high and the only thing that the body can do is to store this excessive amount of sugar ias body fat. And the reason why it does this is because the sugar is very dangerous, It causes a tremendous amount of damage to the various organs and systems of your body.

And if your hormones are not in the proper balance in your body you are just going to be sick and overweight. And honestly it’s not your fault. You were just following the guidelines that have been set forth by the so-called experts in the field of health wellness and nutrition.

So again I want to tell you that if you have been doing everything that you have been told to do and you’re not losing weight it’s not your fault. You have just been given wrong information and wrong instructions and directions. Now in order to truly be healthy you have to get your  hormonal levels under control. And one of the easiest things that you can do is to control this by the foods that you are eating

One of the most important hormones in your body that will have an effect on whether you are fit and trim or overweight and fat and sick is insulin. Insulin is one of the most important hormones in your body. When your insulin levels are excessively high they put you into fat storage mode. Meaning everything that you eat is going to be stored his body fat.

This means that in order to stay fit trim and healthy you have to keep your insulin levels at a relatively normal level throughout the course of your day. And the way that you do this is to control the amount of foods that you eat that turn into sugar. And as you may have guessed the type of foods that turn into sugar are your bad starchy carbohydrates that are processed and man-made such as your bread, pasta, rice, pretzels, potato chips and all those other yummy snacks that we love to snack on.

Now of course I am a firm believer in eating good healthy food and that includes lots of vegetables, every color of vegetable and every type. Vegetables are a carbohydrate but they are nutritious healthy carbohydrates that are loaded with good nutrition and healthy fiber that will help to keep us healthy. And if we are healthy most of the time our weight will be controlled.

So for me the perfect diet would consist of lots of vegetables, a modest amount of good healthy protein, a small amount of good healthy fats and a little bit of fruit and your other starchy carbohydrates.

So you see that I am not totally against your starchy carbohydrates like bread and pasta it’s just that I believe that we should be eating much less of these types of food than we are eating in today’s society.

A few paragraphs up, I told you that hormones control your health wellness and the amount of weight fat etc. that you have on your body. And this is another key point because as we get older our amounts of hormones decrease in quantity over the period of time.

And this is the reason why most of us hit a certain age usually somewhere in the mid 30s and we start gaining weight every year. First we may start out just by gaining a couple pounds a year and then that increases to as much as 5 pounds or 10 pounds a year. Then we finally wake up and realize that we are 60 or 70 pounds overweight and we need to do something about it.

You see you when we were younger and we had an abundance of hormones; they helped burn that extra sugar out of our body. They helped keep the insulin at lower levels. But as we get older and our body’s natural hormones level decrease our body is not able to burn up that extra sugar like it did when we were younger.

This is why you are now gaining weight even though you are eating the same type of food, following the same diet plan and even exercising the same way as you did when you were much younger.

Losing weight and being fit and healthy just comes down to eating the right types of food in the proper portion sizes.

And please do not forget that calories do matter.

We have lots of people coming to us from other medical weight loss centers and they were told to eat a high-protein low-carb diet and that they could eat as much meat protein and cheese as they want.

But this is not healthy and it’s not true. Your body can only handle so much protein and process it properly. Excessive amounts of protein do you turn into sugar just like your bread and pasta.

I know some of you were probably reading this article and just shaking your heads in disbelief because if you would have been given this information long ago you would not be overweight now.

So now that you have the right information let’s get you on the right path. Let’s start developing healthy lifestyle habits. Little changes over the course of time that are going to add up to lots of pounds lost and a healthier and more fit you.

Trying to do all of these changes at once can be a little bit overwhelming so I advise you to start out slowly.

If your hormonal system is totally out of balance it’s always a good idea to work with a Weight Loss center. Especially one like ours where we have medical physicians that can assist you with the use of prescription weight-loss medication appetite suppressant medication.

The government has realized that obesity is a major health crisis in this country now. And it’s my belief that that is why the FDA has approved quite a few new weight-loss medications over the past several years.

In the past most weight loss pills were only meant to be taken for a short period of time but now we have newer weight-loss medications that are approved by the FDA for long-term usage.

So while some people may only need to be on the weight-loss medications for short period of time others may need to take them for the rest of their life because of hormonal issues. And that is why the pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars in research and development of these drugs to help with this major health crisis. And that is why the FDA is now approving these weight-loss medications for long-term use.

Now there are certain qualifiers that have to be met in order for the physician to prescribe these medications for you. Some of them are your BMI, your height, your weight, your waist circumference, your pant size, your dress size, if you or family member have the following illnesses: diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, hypertension, hypothyroidism and sleep apnea – difficulty sleeping

The weight-loss medications to a great job of controlling the appetite and hopefully limiting your cravings but you still have to eat the right types of food to and that is why we spend quite a bit of time reviewing good healthy eating nutrition plans with our weight-loss patients. And getting some exercise – physical activity is also highly recommended.

If you need help with losing weight or just trying to improve your health and wellness give us a call and schedule a free weight loss consultation. Call 215-821-7336 and we will happy to schedule your free consultation.

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