medical weight loss diet doctorsAre you frustrated of trying to lose weight and constantly failing? Are you concerned that your current weight loss program might not really be healthy or effective? Are you concerned that you’re just going to lose a little bit of weight and gain it all back? If your answered yes to any of these questions then our medical weight loss program would be perfect for you.

What is a medical weight loss program?
Unlike other weight loss programs like Nutri-system or Weight Watchers, medical weight loss programs our supervised by medical doctors and / or other healthcare professionals like physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, nutritionist and chiropractors.

Medically supervised weight loss programs provide continuous assistance and supervision so that you are sure that everything that you are doing is healthy and safe for you.

The medical doctors and their staff will evaluate you every month or so making sure that your blood pressure is fine, your heart rate is fine and your pulse and other body systems are working perfectly.

Every month when you are  reevaluated by the physicians and their staff, they may tweak your program to make sure that you continue losing weight in order to reach your weight loss goals.

There are many parts to a good medical weight loss program.
A Medical weight loss program begins with an evaluation by a medical doctor. In this examination he will determine the most appropriate weight loss program for you, that will give you maximum results and still be safe for you.

The medical doctor may give you FDA approved appetite suppressant weight loss medications that are extremely effective at decreasing your appetite and controlling your hunger.

Then most diet doctors will give you a vitamin b12 injection that will give you a burst of energy and boost your fat burning metabolism.

And of course you will speak to the doctor or nutritionist in regards to your diet program and even an exercise program if you are healthy enough to exercise.

Exercise programs do vary for each and every person. Some people just might walk 15 to 20 minutes a day when the beginning their exercise program because that is all that they are physically capable of doing.

The most safe and effective medical weight loss programs will enable you to lose anywhere from 2 – 5 pounds a week. This amount of weight loss is safe for you. This will keep you healthy. The whole entire weight loss program is about making little changes, lifestyle changes, that add up to huge changes over a period of time. So forget about losing 50 pounds in 30 days because those programs are definitely not healthy.

How do I find the best medical weight loss program?
Forgive me, but I do have to say that if you are reading this article on our website you have found the best medical weight loss doctors in Philadelphia and Bucks County Pennsylvania.

But for some reason if you are not able to make it into our offices you can always make an appointment with your family medical doctor and discuss your concerns and have your medical doctor refer you to a reputable medical weight loss program.

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