philadelphia medical weight loss diet doctors who prescribe phentermine weight loss pills 1Our medical weight loss program in Philadelphia has been helping people safely lose weight for many years.  We have helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals and may have possibly helped one of your family members or friends lose weight.  We have helped people that weighed over 300 lbs when they started with us and we have helped people that just needed to lose that last 10 lbs.

Our weight loss program is based on clinically proven weight loss protocols and weight loss medications that help reduce your appetite and boost your fat burning metabolism. And when combined with sensible eating plans is one of the safest ways that has been medically proven to help you lose weight.

Our weight loss program is firmly rooted in medical science and our weight loss results speak for themselves.

But with this being said often times it’s hard not to notice all of the glitzy weight loss programs that are being marketed to us. Sadly, the majority of these glitzy programs are based not so much on medical science but the marketing budget of the weight-loss guru that is selling them. It amazes me that these weight loss gurus can write a new book almost every other month. Just go to Amazon and search for weight loss books and click on one particular author and you will be amazed at how many weight loss books that person has written. It also amazes me how their opinions and methods of losing weight change with almost every book. In one book they might be promoting a low-carb high-fat diet, similar to the Atkins diet. And in the next book they could be promoting a weight loss regimen of just drinking smoothies all day long. Then the following month they could actually switch it up to promoting a high carb and low-fat weight loss program.  And let’s not forget with each and every new book they come out with they also have a totally new brand of weight loss supplements for you to buy.

So with this being said; I confess I have a library that is filled with these glitzy type of weight loss books. Yes! I am just as susceptible to the marketing as you are LOL. I also read them in the hopes of gaining some new medically sound way of losing weight (to help our weight loss patients) and improving my overall health. Most of the time I’m disappointed because the new book that I purchased is just a rehash of something that has been written or promoted years ago.

My weakness for buying glitzy weight loss products struck again when I was standing in the cashier line at my supermarket and I noticed that in the August 3, 2015 Woman’s World Magazine the main headline stated the following in bold print, “Lose up to 400 Pounds! The Simple Trick Dr. Oz Discovered That Works like Gastric Bypass! Controls Hunger and Cravings!” Of course with a title like that who could resist buying it?  So I bought it.

Paraphrasing the article; All you have to do is eat good healthy fats and drink a large glass of water 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. This is their simple trick that works like gastric bypass to help you lose up to 400 LBS.

So all I have to do is eat raw almonds and drink water twice a day and I could potentially lose 400 LBS? Sign me up!

I don’t know about you but this sounds too good to be true for me…

But let’s give them a chance to explain.

Quoting the article from Woman’s World Magazine, “The good healthy fat combined with a large glass of water stimulates a valve at the end of your stomach to close down and then the food must slowly push its way through the constricted valve – so it reaches the digestive tract very slowly, keeping you full longer and preventing sudden rises in blood sugar.”  They go on to say that the strongest cravings that we have – are brought on by sudden highs and lows in blood sugar.

Now believe it or not there is some validity to this article. The strongest cravings that we have are usually brought on by sudden spiking and then the quick crashing of our blood sugar. These highs and lows in blood sugar are usually brought on after we eat candies, pastries, cakes and drinks that are loaded with sugar like regular soda.  That’s why in our weight loss program we have you eat things like this in moderation.

And in our weight loss plan we know that good healthy fats help reduce your appetite and cravings. This knowledge that good healthy fats help decrease your appetite and also help burn your body fat has been known for years by the medical community. So this is nothing new. And if you have been working with healthcare professionals that specialize in weight loss you would already know this.

It just amazes me how people with huge amounts of money for large marketing campaigns can take something that is known for decades and promote it as the latest and greatest new trick to lose weight, get rid of your belly and get your bikini body.

But be careful! Because eating too much fat is not good. So don’t start eating a pound of almonds two times a day. Nuts are good fats but they are also carbs and eating too many nuts can spike your blood sugar and make you fat. Our weight loss patients know that if you are trying to lose weight you should eat no more than ¼ cup of nuts a day.

You see the article has some good tips but it left out a bunch of detailed information that you need in order to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off.

That’s why you need to work one on one with a healthcare provider who focuses on weight loss.

As of today August 5, 2015 we are offering a free weight loss consultation, for a short time. If you need help losing weight come in for your free consultation. During the consultation we will let you know if you are a candidate for our weight loss program and help you finally lose weight.

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