We have had great success using Vitamin B12 injections to speed up the weight loss of our patient's. Vitamin B12 is part of our medical weight loss program because it does everything from increasing your energy, to boosting your metabolism, reducing cravings and even stimulating increased fat burning and weight loss . But there are so many more benefits of this wonderful vitamin.

The Benefits of Vitamin B12 Injection Therapy are:

  • Increases Energy
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Increases Weight Loss and Fat Burning
  • Reduces Cravings
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces Stress
  • Decreases Fatigue
  • Increases Ability to Focus and Concentrate
  • Aids in Body Detoxification
  • Keeps Your Liver Healthy
  • Promotes Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails
  • Protects against Heart Disease
  • Assists in protecting the body against cancers like breast, colon, lung and prostate.

Even though vitamin B12 is essential to our health and well-being our bodies do not make it and we only get it from either the food we eat or from supplementation like the vitamin B12 injection that we use in our office.

B12 Deficiency Can Cause:

If you suffer from a lack of vitamin B12 you can feel weak, tired, dizzy, lightheaded and your gums may even bleed. Other signs of B12 deficiency are tingling in your hands and feet, difficulty losing weight and getting out of breath easily.

You could also suffer from forgetfulness, getting confused easily and not being able to focus when you need to. Lacking vitamin B12 can also cause you to have chest tightness and even ringing in your ears.

For the men reading this article believe it or not a vitamin B12 deficiency could also cause a low sperm count.

People suffering from anemia, fatigue, weakness, constipation, weight gain, depression, poor memory, mouth soreness, asthma and vision problems may benefit from Vitamin B12 Injection Therapy. 

So you can now see how B12 can help you lose weight and burn fat by increasing your metabolism , increasing energy, speeding up fat burning and reducing cravings.

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