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In this article I will review why I think – and our Patients think we are the most complete medical weight loss program in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Delaware and Jersey.
Difference 1:
First of all we only use the highest quality medications and supplements in our program. Many of our patients have told us that the medications that we use to control their appetite and hunger seem to be more effective as compared to the  medications that they were given by other medical weight loss centers.
Difference 2:
Our patients tell us that our program is Less expensive than other medical weight loss programs in the Philadelphia, Bucks County, Jersey and Delaware regions.
Difference 3:
You see a Certified and licensed medical health care practitioner on each and every visit. You will usually see the Medical Doctor on your visits and on some occasions you may be seen by our certified and licensed Physician's Assistant. Our Physician"s Assistants received their degrees from the Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine which is one of the finest medical schools in the Philadelphia region and the country. Today you will find Physician's Assistants in most Medical offices taking care of patients under the supervision of a Medical Doctor.
Difference 4:
We spend time with you going over a proper diet and nutrition program. Many of our patients tell us that at other weight-loss clinics in Philadelphia they are just handed a sheet of paper with nothing on it but meat, chicken, fish and vegetables and told that this is the diet that they are supposed to follow. They are also told to drink nothing but water.
So basically they are told to follow an Atkins like type of diet.
Now most of us have tried the Atkins diet in the past and we all have lost weight on the Atkins diet. But the problem is as soon as you eat your first piece of bread, your first piece of chocolate or your first piece of anything that is not a protein or vegetable . You will gain the weight you lost back.
Personally there have been times when I myself have lost 30 pounds doing the Atkins diet But as soon as I  ate my first slice of pizza I started to gain the weight back and Actually gained back 50 pounds. So, I gained back the 30 pounds that I lost plus an additional 20 pounds.
I don't  know about you but I find it extremely difficult not to have at least a little bit of starchy carbohydrates during the day.
So with our program we allow you to eat starchy carbohydrates – just in moderation. In fact, we allow you to eat almost everything in moderation.
On our weight-loss program people cannot believe the Normal everyday foods that they can eat and still lose weight. The key to the weight loss success of our program is that we tell you when you should start eating how often you should eat and when to stop eating.
We make it simple and easy by giving you a blueprint to reach your weight loss goals.
Difference 5:
We give you an exercise program that is custom designed for you. We take into consideration your present health and physical condition when we design your program. Some patients might just walk a little bit. Other patients that are more physically fit may do a more varied type of exercise routine. We have patients that are working out three days a week for only 15 minutes on each of these days and they are losing weight.
Difference 6:
We are always just a phone call and/or an email away. We try to answer phone calls promptly but if we are on the phone with other patients your call may go to voice mail but please leave a message because we constantly check our voice mail and return calls almost immediately.
What we are about:
This program is not about losing 100 pounds in 30 days. It is about making small lifestyle changes that add up to big results and safe weight loss over a period of time.
It is not our goal to make you a size 0.
But it is our goal to make you happy with yourself. It is our goal to make you healthy and make you the "Best You" that you could possibly be.
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