Well, it’s July 6th and over the course of these past two days I cannot tell you how many people have been raving about the totally vegan and paleo friendly ice cream recipes that I had posted in our medical_weight_loss_philadlephiaPhiladelphia Medical Weight Loss Center these past several weeks.

Yes you read that right! Low carb ice cream that actually tastes good!

Many people told me that they served these ice cream recipes at their July 4th parties and everyone loved them.

With that being said I am going to post these ice cream recipes here on our blog today.
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Chocolate Ice Cream
bananas – 3 bananas
pure cocoa powder – 3 tablespoons
Tahini – 2 tablespoons
Stevia – 8 packets of stevia,Depending on how sweet you want your ice cream
dates – 6 dates with the pit removed
Ice Cube – about 10- 14 ice cubes

This is a phenomenal recipe all that you have to do is have to put your cocoa powder, Stevia, bananas, dates, one cup of ice and the tahini into a blender.  Start the blender by pulsing it at first and then you could put it at higher speeds. very carefully add the remaining ice cubes until everything is Blended together nicely and you have a nice creamy texture. I usually do not need to use the entire 4 cups of ice but it will all depend on how thick you like your ice cream. You can even add a little bit of water to this if it becomes too thick and is not blending as well as you would like.

Vanilla Ice Cream
coconut – the meat of 3 coconuts
pure vanilla beans – 1 tablespoon
maple syrup – 1/2 cup of pure maple syrup
10 – 14 ice cubes
Start by putting your vanilla beans, 4 ice cubes, coconut meat and maple syrup into a blender and begin pulsing this mixture. When it starts blending well together add the remaining ice cubes into the blender. Again remember that you may not really need to use all of the ice cubes.

Strawberry Ice Cream
The meat from two coconuts.
Stevia – 6 – 8 packets of stevia depending upon your taste
Frozen strawberries – two bags
dates – 6 pitted dates
strawberry extract – 1 teaspoon
10 – 14 ice cubes
Here we go again! Start this recipe by putting all of the above ingredients into a blender with just about 4 ice cubes and start by pulsing the mixture and then turn it up to your higher settings on your blender. Very carefully and slowly and the rest of the ice cubes. once again remember you may not need to use all of the ice cubes. I usually only use about 10 ice cubes but some of our patients use more.

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