medical weight loss philadelphia
medical weight loss philadelphia

Hi everyone Dr. Kenny here. Well it’s 11:15 PM Wednesday night and I am here on our website posting this recipe because it was so good I could not wait until tomorrow morning to share it with all of you. Today was another great day at our Medical Weight Loss Center with lots of happy patients losing weight. We finished seeing patient at 9:00 PM and that means I arrived at home at 10:00 PM. I was hungry but didn’t want anything too heavy so my wonderful wife, Elyse, surprised me with a wonderful new recipe. She made me a Raw Sushi Roll.

But instead of using raw fish she used raw  vegetables and it was so delicious. So much so that I had to type up this article and posted on our website.

So here is the recipe:

The ingredients are as follows:


  • nori seaweed sheets – 4 sheets
  • bib lettuce leaves – 4 leaves
  • alfalfa sprouts – 2 cups
  • julienned cucumbers – one large cucumber
  • shredded carrot – one large carrot

My wife made this recipe by taking the nori sheet and just spreading it out in front of you and then lay one leaf of the lettuce across the nori sheet. Next very gently take all of the vegetables noted above and spread them out on top of your lettuce leaf. And then just roll the nori sheet around all of your vegetables. Just make sure that it’s rolled tight. Now all that you have to do is take some water and moisten the end of the sheet and seal it and fold it up just like you would fold or close an envelope.

Then take a sharp knife and you can slice your roll into pieces. Now you just have to dip it into one of the delicious salad dressing recipes that I have here on the site and enjoy. Since this sushi is mainly vegetables you can eat as much of it as you like. I hope you will enjoy this recipe because I really did this evening. If you, a friend, loved one or  coworker need help with losing weight I invite you to call and schedule your complementary weight loss consultation. Call us at 215-821-7336 and schedule your consultation now.

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