Just doing this one thing I personally lost 7 pounds in two weeks. My cravings also decreased and my belly bloat went away. 
All you have to do is just add one thing to your daily regimen.
My nutrition and wellness mentor Dr. Berg designed this program to make the tiniest change to your eating habits and yet give you the biggest difference in your health. He always told me that the most common misconception is that most people think they need to lose weight in order to get healthy. Everyone knows that obesity is a major health risk. It's actually one of the leading health risk in the United States at this time.
In actuality you should really be getting healthy in order to lose weight. You see healthy bodies do not accumulate extra fat.
Whether we like it or not a purpose of food is to give us energy and to facilitate the growth and repair of tissues. The nutritional ingredients in our food is what actually makes us healthy. Now please remember that calories do matter but if you want to be healthy and lean and fit you much rather have the calories from a nice snack of chicken and a half cup of brown rice than the calories from a Snickers bar. Yes sadly it is true all calories are not created equal. The calories from the Snickers bar are just going to make you fatter and less healthy. Where as, the calories from the chicken and Brown Rice is going to give you a time of energy and provide your body with the nourishment that it needs to heal and make you much more healthy.
This program is the kale shake. According to Dr. Berg, he came up with this program and tested it on hundreds of thousands of people with amazing success.
It's hard to believe but it's so very true that one cup of kale gives you 18,000 units of vitamin A as well as tons of vitamin K and 10 times more vitamin C than spinach. It has more iron than beef, more calcium than milk and lots of phytonutrients, which provides additional health benefits. Yes it's true!
1 cup of kale per day is your multivitamin and mineral supplement.
There are few foods that are more nutrient rich than kale. Parsley does contain a little bit more nutrition than kale, but it's hard to swallow.
So Dr. Berg recommends that you have at least one kale shake a day before breakfast. If you want to be even healthier and his weight more quickly you could even do two or three Kale shakes per day. So you would have one shake before breakfast, one before lunch and one before dinner.
I tell my weight loss patients all of the time that your hunger is just a sign that your body needs nourishment. If you give your body the nourishment that it needs your hunger and cravings will go away. The problem is that when most people are hungry they are eating junk that has no nutritional value but it does have tons of sugar and calories. And of course you know that all of the extra sugar and calories will just make you fat and second.
If you want to eliminate your cravings and hunger you have to eat good healthy nutrition dense foods. That is why this shake program is so simple and so effective. Especially when you combine it with our appetite suppressant medications like phentermine and our rapid weight loss nutrition plan.
These kale shakes will give your body the nutrients that it needs and your cravings will gradually disappear and you will be able to control what you eat more easily.
Here is what you could put into the kale shakes:
  • 1 handful of kale.
  • 1 cup of frozen fruit.
  • One glass of water.
  • Blend for approximately 3 minutes.
It's so simple and yet so delicious and good for you.
Here are some of the benefits of kale:
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • Rich in fiber.
  • Risk – lowering benefits from cancer of the bladder, breast:, colon and the prostate.
  • Supports detoxification.
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Tons of vitamins A, C and K.
  • Decreases hunger and cravings.
  • Gives you more energy.
  • Facilitates weight loss.
  • You have more satisfaction after eating.
  • Your sinus function better because of the high levels of vitamin A.
  • Improves your complexion and skin.
The good thing about this program is that most people start feeling the benefits within 24 – 48 hours.
So there you have it a quick and easy way to help to greatly improve your overall health.
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