medical-weight-loss-philadelphia-diet-doctor2.pngI had a wonderful conversation  with one of our superstar patients Kelly. Kelly has lost 31 pounds on our medical weight loss program. She is totally ecstatic because she has lost pounds and inches.

But she has recently hit a bit of a road block and her weight loss has slowed down a little bit. So we had a nice discussion about fixing this.

Her problem was is one that I see people do all of the time. So I decided to write this article in hopes of  helping every one that may be hittig a plateu in their weight loss.

The problem is what she is eating. She stopped following my food recommendations and she started doing things that she saw on the television.

Now the problem with following some of the advice that you see on these TV shows is that they might suggest that you eat Greek yogurt but they do not tell you what type or what kind of Greek yogurt. So most people run to the super market and buy Greek yogurt that is filled with sugar.

Now I totally love Greek yogurt and I do recommend that people eat organic Greek yogurt. But what most people do is they see Greek yogurt mentioned on TV and hear that it is good for them.  Then they go to the supermarket and they buy the Greek yogurt that is filled with sugar and excessive calories. And when they eat this yogurt that is filled with sugar they usually gain weight.

And this is exactly what Kelly did. She also started eating whole wheat bread instead of white bread. I agree that whole wheat and rye bread is much better than just plain old white bread. But this does not mean that you can have 6 slices of whole wheat or rye bread a day.  

Even though something is considered to be good for you; you still have to follow are diet recommendations if you want to continue losing weight. So my point is even though something is stated to be good for you it doesn’t mean that you eat an unlimited amount of that particular food.

If you are one of my medical weight loss patients and are reading this article you know that I believe in eating a little bit of everything.

And on our medical weight loss program you can eat almost anything that you want just as long as you follow our guidelines.

To quote my mother “Too much of a good thing is not good”. ( I am 50 years young and quoting my mother lol.)

If you continue to follow my recommendations for portions, qantity size, etc… You should be fine and should be continuing to lose weight.

If you our having any problems with losing weight or have hit a plateau please call me and we can chat. And the two of us together and determine what you need to do to get your weight loss back on track.

Please call me at 215- 821-7336.

Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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