In our Philadelphia medical weight loss center our programs are designed to help people lose weight and also improve their overall health and wellness. Many of the people that come to  our weight loss clinic have tried every type of diet and exercise program out there and they may have lost a little bit of weight but they always seem to gain it back. Our program takes all of this into consideration and we work with the person to design the optimal plan to help them achieve their desired bodyweight.  

We design our weight loss programs taking many things into consideration such as your age, sex, level of physical fitness and of course we have to take into consideration any illnesses or diseases that you might have. All of these things are very important and that is why our program is very successful.

In addition to providing a person with a good nutrition diet plan and an exercise program we also may use weight-loss medications and appetite suppressant medications. More and more evidence is coming out that supports the use of weight loss medication. And even more evidence is being presented that supports the use of long-term use of such medications.

More than ever the medical societies in this country are realizing that many of the illnesses such as diabetes, heart attack and stroke, just to name a few, are related to a person being overweight or obese.

For many people just following a diet and exercise plan are simply not enough to help them maintain a healthy body weight. And with them being overweight comes the risk of developing many illnesses and diseases.  

We see many people coming to see us in our weight loss clinic that are following a sensible eating and exercise plan and yet they are still overweight.  They are doing everything right and yet they are still overweight. And this is the reason why we utilize weight-loss medications in our plan.  

CNN recently published an article on this very topic. In the article they interviewed top weight loss specialist who believed that long-term use of weight loss medications are needed in order for people to maintain a healthy body weight. In the article they explained that a section of the brain (the hypothalamus) controls our hunger, our appetite and our cravings.

This section of the brain is stimulated by hormones made by your stomach, intestines and fat cells. When you eat your stomach, intestines and fat cells releases specific hormones that tell your brain that you are full, and to stop eating.

But when a person is overweight or obese the nerves that connect to this section of the brain become desensitized, therefore our appetite is never controlled, we never get full. In the article these weight loss specialists stated that these nerves become desensitized and damaged, therefore a person will just continue to eat and gain weight.  

And that this is why weight loss medications are necessary; because the body has lost its ability to regulate its hunger.  

In the article the weight loss specialists state that losing just 5% to 10% of your body weight can help improve your blood pressure and reduce your triglycerides and decrease your blood sugar levels and that this can significantly reduce the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Just by losing 5% of your body weight you can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 50%.  

In summary more and more evidence is supporting long-term use of weight loss medications in order to help people lose weight and also reduce the risk of developing serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even certain types of cancer.

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