Pumpkin Bread Gluten & Sugar Free by Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia

Yes you can lose weight in our medical weight loss program and enjoy delicious desserts and yummy food. This is a great yummy recipe for pumpkin bread that is sugar free and gluten free. If you have children it’s...

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Fat Burning Lemonade Recipe by Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia

Fat Burning Lemonade This is a great recipe for Lemonade that tastes great and will burn fat off of your body and boost your metabolism. So if you are tired of diet drinks that leave a bad after-taste in...

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How To Jump Start Your Weight Loss If You’ve Hit A Plateau

I had a wonderful conversation  with one of our superstar patients Kelly. Kelly has lost 31 pounds on our medical weight loss program. She is totally ecstatic because she has lost pounds and inches. But she has recently hit a...

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How To Choose a Weight Loss Diet Doctor in Philadelphia and Bucks County PA

Fast weight loss seems to be difficult for most people especially for those who exercise six or seven days a week or if they are following one of the latest fad diet plans and still have not seen any...

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