Hi everyone this is Dr. Kenny.

When you're just starting out on your fat burning and weight loss exercise program the best type of exercises to do are low intensity exercise cardiovascular exercises like walking or bike riding.

Your goal is to perform 60 consecutive minutes of either walking or riding a bike with your target heart rate between 60 and 75% of your maximum heart rate. The reason why you have to perform this type of exercise for 60 straight minutes is because during the first 30 minutes of the exercise you will just be burning the sugar that is in your blood stream and making your heart healthy. From minute 31 on you will be burning fat and losing weight.

Now to figure out what your target heart rate is you would just subtract your age from 220 and that will give you your maximum heart rate. Then you just times your maximum heart rate time 60%, 65%, 70 and 75%.

Initially just keeping a target heart rate between 60 and 65% for maximal heart rate is enough to get you fat burning and losing weight then each time you have a plateau in your weight loss you would just increase it to the next level.

So as example I'm going to calculate the target heart rates for a 30-year-old person.

220-30 = 190 Maximum Heart Rate

190 × 60% = 114

190 × 65% = 123.5

190 × 70% = 133

190 × 75% = 142.5

So if you are 30 years old when you first start with this program you would like to keep your heart rate between 114 and 123 and this should burn fat off of your body and cause you to easily lose weight.

When you have weight loss plateau you would like to increase the intensity and keep your heart rate between 123 and 133.

At your next weight loss plateau try to keep your heart rate between 133 and 142.

Please remember that your goal is to do this exercise routine for 60 consecutive minutes.

But if you are not able to do 60 straight minutes of cardiovascular exercise just do what you can.

Remember Common Sense Dictates in any type of exercise program.

So just do what you can and gradually increase the amount of time that you can exercise.

This is usually the best and safest way to start your weight loss exercise program but it is always recommended that you check with your healthcare provider to make sure that this program is right for you.

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